We love Girl Scouts at My Room Rocks! It was so much fun hosting girls and troops over the weekend and sharing fun facts about the Girl Scout founder Juliette Low. Juliette’s official birthday is Halloween. She made it a tradition to stand on her head every year on her birthday just to make sure she could still do it! What a gal!
Thank you moms and leaders for bringing your girls in and i hope next year, to have a “guest appearance” from the Juliette. :)

In addition to our Girl Scout and Friends Party, stop by for a complimentary cupcake! Yum! Get ideas for holiday shopping, it’s never too early to start! Find things at My Room Rocks you won’t find anywhere else. See you soon!

My Room Rocks is hosting its annual birthday celebration honoring Juliette Gordon Low on the weekend of Oct. 26, 27, and 28th. We are offering $5 off the price of a room design and complimentary cupcakes. You can come with your troop, or with a few friends. You won’t want to miss this party! Call to make a reservation at 678-566-3200 or email us at info@myroomrocks.com. Hope you can make it!