Hi Friends, Be sure to like on fb to keep up with all the excitement at My Room Rocks. When you already had all the other parties and want to do something different, have the party your friends will talk about all year. My Room Rocks is the only store that offers Interior Design Birthday Parties. So… Discover the Designer in You. Like us on fb and see great pictures from some of our parties. Learn about our special events such as our Valentine Party, Summer Camp, and Girl Scout Party. Also, we have the best gift shop for tweens and girls of all ages.
We are located off of 400 and exit 10 so we are a easy drive from all around the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Hope to hear from you soon!

Everyone is invited to our Annual Valentine Party on February 10, 2013, from 11am – 5pm. Please call early to reserve your spot or email us at info@myroomrocks.com. This is a great opportunity to have a special day with your BFFs, mom, grandmother, or favorite aunt. We offer FREE cupcakes in addition to $5 off our mini-room design. We also have a sale on anything heart-shaped in the store now through Valentine’s day. We have jewelry, kits, picture frames, art, t-shirts and more! Hope you can make it!