We had so much fun hosting our first birthday party! Ashlyn and her friends had a blast finding their inner designer! The party was full of fun, laughs, and crafting! The guests had a wonderful time interacting with our staff and designing their perfect bedroom. If you’re interested in booking a party, visit us in the store or call 636.812.2772 for more information!


Last weekend we hosted our first charity event! We invited all our guests to make tissue paper flowers for patients at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The store was full of joy and laughter as we made flowers for those who need something to brighten their day! MRR is hoping to spread holiday cheer and put smiles on many faces when we drop them off next week!

It has been one month since opening our new location at the Chesterfield Mall in St. Louis, Missouri! Time flies when you are having fun! This space is larger than our Atlanta store, which means more room for our interior designers to create their dream miniature bedroom and shop for gifts. Come on in and see the beautiful birthday gazebo, along with the door beads and chandeliers hanging in the display window!

Exciting things are happening here and we can’t wait to share them with you! :)