Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better at My Room Rocks, we created My Spa Rocks. Guests can now create their own body sprays, sugar scrubs, and lotions all with cosmetic-grade ingredients. Choose from over 20 fragrances such as traditional scents like lavender, jasmine, citrus OR try our fun fragrances such as blueberry pancakes, cotton candy, strawberry milkshake, fruitloops, and more. (We had so much fun finding fragrances we we went a little overboard). Guests have so much fun sniffing our samples. After they measure and mix the ingredients, they fill out a pretty sticker that names their product and who created it. To make a sugar scrub or lotion, the price is only $6.95 and body sprays are $5.95. This is a great diversion to the summer heat! Hope to see you soon!